The notion of the transparent production chain is not simply a buzzword in the modern food industry; it shows how the demands of our society in terms of traceability and the quality of all our food have changed.

With TÖNNIES LIVESTOCK, transparency throughout all levels of the chain is realised for both the consumer and producer. By using the latest technology, observing the highest levels of standards, implementing innovative hygiene concepts, comprehensive data collection and secure exchange of data, figures and facts from the production and fattening operations, we are able to provide seamless traceability of each individual animal. Here, the focus is on producing a healthy end products from the fattening process, in compliance with all hygiene and animal welfare regulations throughout all stages of production, in addition to ensuring high quality of food.

Taking stock for the future

TÖNNIES LIVESTOCK represents digitalisation and innovation with the latest technology in pig keeping. In conjunction with traditional agricultural production processes, we are also creating a sustainable path that will lead into the future. The structure of the TÖNNIES Group and the networking within the pig production sector help to steer production parameters in a targeted manner and open up extensive distribution channels for our customers. This is how we provide added value for your company.

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